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Curatorial Technology Advisory Committee

The functionality of the Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum and this web site demonstrate our continuing commitment to effective use of modern technologies.

How well we deliver our message, the durability of our archives, depend upon how well we can use these tools. We depend on this committee to help us acquire and effectively use 21st Century technology.

Curatorial Technology Advisory Committee: Darin R. McClure / Chair, Tracy Mikulec, Scott Bass, J.P. Beeghley, Roy Bettle, Tim Chandler, Danny Evans, Christopher George, Rob Klug, John Maddox, Denny Michael, Kendall Nishimine, George Orbelian, Jonno Wells and Barry Haun

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Surf Craft Advisory Committee

Identifying, certifying, acquiring, and exhibiting surfboards— that's only half the job. If it rides waves we want it. If it makes things that rides waves, we want that, too.

Surf Craft Committee: Steve Pezman, Spencer Croul, Ed Clapp, Dick Metz.

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Education Advisory Committee

Our first school groups arrived at our facility in 2007. To date we've hosted thousands of students. Contact Us if your kids would like to visit!

Programs tailored to Junior High and High School students outreach to teachers at all levels help us spread understanding our surfing heritage. This committee develops curricula and contacts for the educational community in California and beyond.

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Printed Material Advisory Committee

From the classic magazines to personal memoirs, when ink hits paper if the subject is surfing, we want it preserved. We catalog, archive and protect surfing's printed heritage.

Printed Material Committee: Joe Tabler (acting chair), Keith Eshelman, Allen Kukel, Sharon Marshall, Joel T Smith, Steve Wilkings. Cary Weiss, Steve Pezman (SHF BoD liaison).

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Photography Advisory Committee

Definitive photographs, epic breaks, action, and personalities around the world. Our archives and exhibitions feature work from the finest surf photographers from the early 20th Century to today.

Photography Committee: Jeff Hall (Chair), Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Grant Ellis, Leroy Grannis, Leo Hetzel, Yasha Hetzel, Tom Keck, Guy Motil, Sam Olson, Steve Pezman (SHF BoD liaison), Tom Servais, JP Van Swae, and Steve Wilkings.

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Oral History Advisory Committee

The pioneers of surfing gave us the tools, techniques, and the soul we know today. Capturing their stories in their own words is work of the Oral Histories Committee, whose passion and commitment set the standard for this unique work.

Each oral history costs $150 to produce. Click Here if you'd like to sponsor an oral history. And you may purchase our unique Field Guide to Oral History manual, too. Thank You!

Oral History Committee: Paul Holmes (Chair), Scott Bass, Craig Lockwood (co-chair), Bob Mardian (SHF BoD liaison), Sharon Marshall, Charles Myers, Paul Strauch Jr, Members at Large: Nick Carroll, Ben Finney, Malcolm Gault-Williams, Sam George, James D. Houston, Eric Jordan, Drew Kampion, Cecil Lear, Ben Marcus, Ira Opper, Mark Schulein, and Matt Warshaw.

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