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The Surfing Heritage Foundation Vision

Now. And for the future.

Our goal is to create an archive of wave craft of all forms with which to illustrate the evolution of wave riding around the world, to present the best possible examples of wave craft and the tools with which they were made, and to insightfully showcase surfing accessories, wetsuits, fins, leashes, wax, hardware, racks, and more.

We will archive historically significant photography, cinematography, and video comprising original materials whenever possible, augmented by scans.

We will maintain an inclusive library of significant books, posters, and pertinent paper records.

We will collect for display significant and representative artwork of all genre representing surfing, from old to contemporary.

We will publish books, pamphlets, posters, films and videos, limited edition items, and other media and materials, and distribute these to the public.

We will engender cooperation with other like-minded institutions in the accomplishment of our goals and will encourage and facilitate the use of our resources for scholarly and editorial pursuits.



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